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Navigating through the process of buying and/or selling a Healthcare Agency can be tiresome but we’re here to help make it less stressful. 
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your typical Engagement Period with a new Seller?

The Engagement Period pertains to the number of days we can actively showcase your business. This is done 100% confidentially and is custom to each campaign but can include (if appropriate) listing the opportunity on our 40+ Websites, all paid listing exchanges, top results in Google Search, having our knowledgeable team of advisors calling thousands of our contacts directly across the globe (both strategic and financial buyers – local, national, and worldwide), direct email, traditional mail, and many other proprietary methods throughout our vigorous marketing campaign to put your business in front of the right suitors. This period is typically set at 180 days but can be shortened (if desired) to a minimum of 60 days.


2. What is your fee?

Our fee is at or below market on top of being success based ONLY (no up-front, marketing, monthly fees, or stipend payments) so it’s never due unless we do our job and get your business sold! It’s the best and fairest structure in the entire industry. Please feel free to ask your Advisor for a fee schedule today.


3. If I sell my company to a friend or someone you didn’t introduce to me; do I still owe you the commission?

No, we’re only paid upon a successful closing that involves a buyer we introduced to your company. Should a buyer come to you that was not introduced through our firm; you are not obligated to pay our commission. We also have a success-only policy so you only pay our fee after we introduce you to the buyer that ultimately purchases your business. That fee is paid at closing.


4. If a Buyer presents me with an offer, do I have to accept it?

No, we will discuss with you what your goals are for the ‘perfect offer/buyer’ and aim for that. However, should a buyer present a differing offer we will discuss it with you and help negotiate the details should you wish to do so. Unlike with most other firms that set a predetermined sale price/strike-price at which you owe their full commission if that price is offered, with Vallexa – you are never required to accept an offer. Or pay a fee unless you decide to sell. You can walk away from any deal, at any price, should you choose to do so.


5. Why do I need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if I am selling my business?

We request that all clients, buyers or sellers, authorize a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure the utmost protection is provided to guard YOUR privacy and the deal’s confidentiality. it is one of our highest priorities.


6. What if I want to list with other Intermediaries, can I do that?

Yes, if you wish to work with more than one broker please request a Non-Exclusive Engagement Agreement. This will give you the ability to work with as many brokers as you desire. However, should another broker introduce a buyer to you that we have already discussed your business with you will need to advise that broker of this to avoid multiple broker fees.


7. How long will it take to Sell my healthcare business?

This varies depending on many factors but a majority of our sellers find the perfect buyer and reach the closing table within 4-6 months of their initial listing time. For a more detailed timeline, please click here:


8. I don’t want my staff to know about the sale, is this possible?

Certainly! Most individuals looking to sell their company want to keep the details to themselves until they reach a certain point in the process. We will not leave a message on a company phone or email – we strictly use lines of communication you provide us that will ensure your staff and clients are unaware of the sale. 


9. Is your Valuation truly free?

Yes. Period. Always. End of story.



  • NO up-front costs/fees
  • NO monthly costs/fees
  • NO Valuation costs/fees
  • SUCCESS ONLY Fee structure
  • Several different selling options
  • A selling option that costs YOU nothing
  • THE largest universe of registered buyers
  • Truly aggressive marketing
  • A deep knowledge of your industry
  • A proven track record of success


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